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GitHub Status Updates

Push your code to GitHub and StyleCI automatically analyzes it. If something is amiss StyleCI will immediately notify you through the GitHub Status integration.

Configure to your standards

Configure StyleCI to use one of our several presets, or use your own unique coding standards. StyleCI is really easy to configure with our in-browser config editor.

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Automatically fix your code

StyleCI can be configured to automatically create a pull request with fixes and immediately merge the same pull request if you'd like.

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Open Source

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What people are saying

StyleCI makes it a breeze to enforce my preferred coding style, allowing me to dedicate more time to developing new features.

— Colin O'dell

StyleCI stimulates open-source contributors to follow the same coding guidelines. It allows me to focus on the actual code and effectively shortens the time before a pull request is merged.

— Jens Segers

StyleCI gives us the speed to make rapid changes to our app and apply coding standards at the same time.

— Ralph Heersink

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